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Product Support

When you install switches, do you cut off power only when you connect wires?

Answers: When you install switches, in order to make sure security you must cut off power first. Please make sure whole process of installation is in power off status. 

Is there any requirement for the circuit power of switch?

Answers: The circuit power of our products must be above 9W. Please make sure the load of every way switch is above 9W.


Why the LED light is glitter when the switch connect with LED?

Answers: For single wire switch, the power of lights must be lower 9W.

Why the 3 way/2 way switches can not be controlled when you connect to one way circuit?

Answers: Please don't connect 2 way/3 way switches to one way load and leave others no load.If you just use part of circuit and leave one way or two way no-load then it will lead to un-control of the devices sometimes. Users can choose one way switch if there is only one way circuit. 

How many ways of using IP Camera?Wired or wireless?

Answers: Our IP camera can support both wired and wireless. First time using of camera you need to use cable for connection.Use network cable to connect camera and LAN port and then connect gateway by wifi of your smartphone. You can set wireless SSID and password after access the camera. After setting successfully, you can use wireless to access.Considering the convinient using for users we will set up all the things before leave factory so that users can use it directly when they get the camera. 

What is the rotation angle for IP Camera?Is it auto focus?

Answers: horizontal rotated angle 355°,vertical angle 90°. It can not be auto-focus. The camera use fixed focal distance. 3.6mm wide angle length can make sure the clearance of image.

Is every unit of DNM-901 gateway build in SN no. accordingly?

Answers: Yes, every gateway has unic SN no.

If the stata is stealed or password is broke how to deal with? 

Answers:We use several kinds of data encrpytion technique to make sure the safety of system.

Is the system be updated if I don't change hardware?

Answers: Yes,our system support upgrade. Some of the software we support online update.

If I buy your products I don't know how to install and use it what shall I do? And if there is problem what shall I do?

Answers: All the products has complete after sales service. 
1) We will send you Quick Start Guide with our products.
2) We also have video guide. You can see our video guide too.
3) You also can use phone or other contacts to communicate with us for support.
4) You also can apply for Door to Door service but there will be some charges.


Can we see the electricity consumption of home terminal devices?

Answers: Yes. We have smart socket to check your power consumption and make records for you. You also can check the voltage, current, power of socket. It helps you better manage of your electricity to save energy.

If my home has two floors can I use one gateway for control?

Answers: Yes.


If there is no internet in home, is the gateway can be used?

Answers: Yes, you can control home locally but can not control remotely.


Can I do timing for electric cooker or water heater?

Answers: Yes. You can set timing start up for your devices in contextual mode. When it is the time for start up devices it will start automatically.