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Have a Hub?
what is Dynamax?
Dynamax is a SmartHome Platform and Peripherals company.We design and develop Smart Switch,Power Inputs,Thermostats,Sensors,Motion Detectors,RGB LED Bulbs,HD Cameras and Household Electronics focused on the Smarter Home and Wearable Consumer Technology.

What mobile platforms do you support?
Currently Dynamax supports Android OS and IOS.Download the app for free from the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store.
Do you support Windows or Blackbery?
No.We currently support Android Mobile and iOS.

What about tablets?
Presently,we are focused towards expanding our mobile phone support but are looking to expand support to apps that are optimised for Android OS and iOS Tablets.Stay tuned.

Can i access the Dynamax interface from my computer or mobile web?
No.We currently do not support Web or Mobile Web access.Download the Dynamax app for free from the Google Play Store or ITunes App Store.

Can i have multiple users on my Dynamax Smarthomes Personal Area Network?
Yes.You can setup rooms/areas within your home and define specific devices within these rooms/areas .You can also defineany number of users as part of your home network.You determine who has access and which products they can


What measures do you take to keep DynaMax secure?

DynaMax takes its users’ privacy and data security very seriously, and we regularly examine our practices to ensure that they exceed industry standards. DynaMax adopts security measures that include certificate pinning, encryption, two-factor authentication for all system administrators, and regular security audits. We also encourage our customers to secure their wireless networks and adopt strong passwords.

How secure are the products in the DynaMax ecosystem?

DynaMax is constantly working with the top security researchers around the world and our partners to improve the security of our devices and the devices we connect with. Making our products more secure is not a one-time event. It’s a process that we are committed to continually improving.

How can I ensure my products are secure and up to date?

DynaMax is constantly testing and auditing the security of our platform. We make frequent updates to the app and the hub to ensure you have the latest security. We’ll alert you in the app when an update is needed. For critical updates, we may push the update automatically so you don’t have to worry about it.

How can I help protect my home network?

DynaMax works to make security a priority, but there are also things you can do at home to help secure your home network and smart products.

  • Always update your smart products when new software and firmware are available.
    It is important to always keep the software on your connected products up to date. These updates not only give you new features, but help keep your products secure.

  • Use strong passwords for your connected products.
    Make sure the password for your Wi-Fi network and your DynaMax account are at least 16 characters and contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. This suggestion applies to any passwords you create for other accounts.

  • Use unique passwords for each account.
    Passwords should not be reused for multiple accounts (DynaMax, Facebook, etc.). This ensures that the impact of one account getting compromised will not affect the others.

  • Utilize the “guest network” feature on your wireless router.
    If friends or family request access to your wireless network while they visit, use your router’s guest network feature instead of giving them access to the network that connects all of your smart products. While access to that network will not grant them access to your connected home, it keeps your network more protected.

  • Make sure your wireless network is secured with a modern security encryption like WPA2-PSK.
    WPA2-PSK is the modern standard for network security and replaces the depreciated, and proven insecure, WEP encryption. Unfortunately, some routers are still installed with WEP as the default security scheme. WEP networks can often be identified by the network password; if your password is exactly 10 or 26 characters long and only contains hexadecimal characters (0-9 and a-f) it is likely your network is configured with WEP security. For security purposes, a, you should convert your network security to WPA2-PSK. Refer to your router’s instruction manual for details on how to do this.

For more information about how DynaMax thinks about security, visit our Security page .


Where can I find out what products are DynaMax certified?

We are continually working to add more products every day. Our Products page has current list of products… check back later for updates.

Can I control my products even when I’m not at home?

Yes. You can remotely access your DynaMax enabled products from the DynaMax app wherever you are.

What's a Wizard?

Shortcuts let you control multiple products with one tap in the DynaMax app.For example,you can turn off a group of lights or all lights with one tap.You can create different shortcuts like moving night,welcome home,or goodnight to control multipe products at the same time.

Do all of my products work with Wizard?

Yes.You can use the DynaMax app to set up shortcuts for all your DynaMax products.

Do all of my products work with Wizard?

Yes. You can use the DynaMax app to set up shortcuts for your all DynaMax products.

Are shortcuts run on the Gateway?

No, all of the shortcuts are run on the DynaMax app and in the DynaMax cloud.

Does DynaMax use a cloud?

Yes. The intelligence of DynaMax runs in our own cloud so you can access DynaMax from anywhere.

How does the DynaMax app use location?

Many apps use location services to enhance your experience. Depending on your device, cellular, Wi-Fi, and GPS can be used to approximate your location. The DynaMax app uses your location to automate your home to run on its own. For example, you can set up a wizard to turn on your lights as soon as you arrive home. Enabling location services on your phone may decrease battery life.

How do i connect my Dynamax Gateway to my phone?

1.Download the DynaMax App from the Apple App Store or Google Play and follow the in-app instructions to sign up or login. 2.Select "DynaMax Gateway" and follow the in-app instructions for sharing your wi-Fi network credentials to get your Gateway connected. 3.After your Gateway is connected,all ZIgBee devices within the same channel and is as your gateway will connect automatically once power/electricity is supplied to these devices.

How does the DynaMax Gateway communicate with the Internet?

The DynaMax Gateway uses Wi-Fi to connect to your home wireless router and then uses your high speed internet service to communicate with the DynaMax cloud.

How does my DynaMax Gateway talk to my mobile device?

When you first connect the DynaMax Gateway to your Wi-Fi router your mobile device will make a direct connection to the DynaMax Gateway.After this initial connection,all communicate between your mobile device and the DynaMax Gateway pass through DynaMax's cloud service to maintain a connection wherever you are.

What protocols(communications) does the DynaMax Gateway support?

We currently only support WIFI and ZigBee.

Will the DynaMax Gateway work with any router?

1.The DynaMax Gateway is compatible with 2.4 Ghz routers running WPA-PSK or open security.5GHz networks are not currently supported.What should i do before affempting to connect my DynaMax Gateway? 2.Connecting your DynaMax Gateway easy.Follwoing a few simple guidelines can help ensure your connection experience goes smoothly:Ensure your network is configured to use a security scheme supported by the DynaMax Gateway (WPA-PSK or open). 3.Ensure your DynaMax Gateway is located within range of your Wi-Fi router.A quick way to check this is by connecting your mobile phone to your Wi-Fi network and ensuring the singnal strength is strong when positioned near the DynaMax Gateway. 4.Ensure your DynaMax Gateway is not positioned too close to your router or any other Wi-Fi device(we recommend a mimimum of 3'between devices).This can cause interference and prevent the DynaMax Gateway from maintaining a reliable connection.Confirm and note your network name and password by connecting another device to router.

What network security schemes are supported by the DynaMax Gateway?

The DynaMax Gateway supports open networks and networks secured using WPS-PSK.

How do i know if my router is using WPA-PSK security?

WPS-PSK is the modern stardard for network security and replaces the depreciated,and prover insecure,WEP encryption.Unfortunately,some routers are still installed with WEP as the default security scheme. WEP networks can often be identified by the network password-if your password id exactly 10 or 26 characters long and lonly contains hexadecimal characters(0-9 and a-f) it is likely your network is configured with WEP security.For security purpose,you should convert your network security to WPA-PAK.Refer to your routers' instruction manual for details on how to do this If you have are a Verizon customer,details on how to configure your router's security are available for FIOS and DSL.

Where should i locate the DynaMax Gateway within my home?

The DynaMax Gateway is designed to use Wi-Fi to give you flexibility when choosing were to place the Gateway in your home.For optimal performanca,please follow these simple guidelines: 1.The Gateway should be located least 3'away from any other Wi-Fi device(including the router). 2.Position your Gateway in a centralised location that minimises the distance between the DynaMax Gateway and your connected devices. 3.Stone,tile,mirrars,and large metal surfaces tend to interfere with wireless communication.Try to aviod placing your Gateway in locations that place these surfaces between the Gateway and your conected devices. 4.If possible,locate your Gateway in an open space at least 3 feet above the floor.Avoid cabinets when possible. 5.Range is very environmentally dependent but a typical residential installation may experience range up to 30 feet.