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A simpler way to a smarter home
Hello There
Meet Dynamax

DynaMax SmartHomes offers a simpler and more offordable alternative to a smarter home.
With our out of the box SmartHome starter kit,we will enable you to control your lighting,air conditioning,electrical appliances and monitor your home remotely using your smart phone.
In short,we help you make your home smarter and more secure.We help you save by giving you control over your appliances at your fingerfips.If you like what you've experienced so far,we are also scalable.
We are simple,just set a date with our DynaMax Pro to set up your first SmartHome.

Monitor your home away from home at anytime and anywhere.
Personalize your house to your lifestyle by pre-setting scenes that come to life as and when you want.
Just leave it to our friendly DynaMax Pro to set it up for you.Friendly UI, convinient, and interactive application.